Everything started back in the 1930's. When Adolf was storming accross the world a small family found it necessary to move, they then got caught up in situations which no one wanted & Arnie Levics Snr was then a POW. 

Once the world reacted to Adolf's world tour & stopped his  rampage Arnie Levics Snr (pop) was at that time working in the VW factory,now the war was over the vw plant was under the REME pop continued to work at the VW factory.

As many people whom survived the atrocities of the world wars pop never spoke to us about these times so information is limited, we do still have his pass for the factory.

After the war the family moved to the uk.

Arnie Levics Jnr after completing schooling started to work for Jim Alves compeating in hill climbs & trails including preparation of two & four wheels vehicles.

After Jim Alves switched from VW main dealer Arnie started up on his own, then as work increased so did the staff, several of the factory trained staff (this was the air cooled days so splitty, bay & bug)

A true specialist company was born & developing.

We continued specializing in our area including race engineering bug's for rally, rallycross, hillclimb & drag racing. Engine & transmission specialists with several of our engines being championship winning units including forma world rallycross champion Pat Doran.

Natural evolution seen us working & developing the new models the MK1 GOLF GTI again for various forms of motorsport as well as fast enthusiast road use, not forgetting the safety developments made, brake improvements & out of the normal handling developments.

The late 1980's we joined VW Motorsport's development program for the MK2 16V GTI purchasing one of the few special made vehicles for motorsport devlopment. This seen us in various rally's accross the uk.

Then in 1999 Charlie Butler-henderson's marcos needed a good finsh for the last round to secure sponcership for the next years British GT Championship, Guy was introduced to Andy to help. Various changes made, all within the rule book, & a performance transformation was made, the desired finsh made.

2000 through to 2002 saw a masive leap forward in for Andy going from British GT mechanic & data logger/analyst to FIA WORLD SPORTS CAR Championship mechanic, logistic manager & assitant team manager on track. These roles sent the team across the world from Daytona 24hours, ALMS in Adelaide & the major european tracks.

Working at this level of motorsport not only allowed him to work with many renowed drivers but a then up & coming driver, Richard Lyons (a truely impressive natural driver whom became 2004 formula nippon champion) but working along side ex Le Mans vertian Roy Baker laught Andy many things you don't learn at uni.

All this experience, technial information & know how is pasted down to our suscessfull team in street, whom service, repair & care for you & your vehicle.

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