Please note: That with estimates sometimes it is necessary to complete a inspection. example if a camper fails MOT on brake judder then we would always recommend wheels & drums to be removed & inspect for items required otherwise without the opportunity to fully inspection & assess your estimate may be incorrect too high or too low.

MOT tests are only a visual this does not always give you a complete list of items required to rectify the failed fault. as an visual inspection items are NOT removed nor unbolted only visually checked. Therefore if a vehicle with drum brakes has judder an internal inspection is required to assess all items required as the backing plates may be very rusty etc.

Estimates are ALWAYS SUBJECT TO UNDISCLOSED ITEMS REQUIRED. this is why we want the opportunity to inspect including internally as required, to complete an accurate assessment for estimates. Please note that when working on vehicles sometimes things can break, example: if attempting to change brake hoses the male union nut may round.


used parts.

after trading for over 35 years we have a large number of used parts which we use to help keep people on the road specially when a limited availability or budget is a factor.

we have many parts which customer have asked us to sell. please note we are not car breakers....

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