Please note tyre prices are subject to availability from wholesaler, we also check & advise you at point of quote, prices change monthly & quotes are valid for that month. please call for the very latest up to date availability. Please call 01458 442 707


SIZE DOES MATTER.  On the side of the tyre there should be some numbers & letters combination such as 205/55vr16 91v. All of these are very important when costing tyres as they are the tyre width '205', the profile (side wall height) '55', speed rate 'v' load index '91' when asking for quote please give all these details & what make & model tyre you have. You can upgrade on speed but not down grade ex: fit a 'V' instead of 'H' but you must not down grade either speed or weight loading (TAKE NOTE T4 DRIVERS WITH 17"+ WHEELS MAKE SURE THE WEIGHT SPEC IS CORRECT 99 OR HIGHER 102 good esp LWB VEHICLES) driving with under weight spec tyres can be dangerous & lead to blow out in operation.

MAKE MATTERS TOO. 'They might be black & round but not all stick to the ground'  it doesn't matter what you drive it could be a Fiat to  Ferrari the only thing keeping you in contact with the road is your tyre. Not all tyres react the same way, in general a quality tyre will give better handling, wear, miles per gallon fuel consumption over a budget tyre, but if you are only doing very few miles per year then tyre ageing will be an issue so do you really need to pay more?  We normally discus with you what you are doing with your vehicle then check wholesalers stock & prices, then we give you several options from budgets through to top quality & help guide you through the process, the choose is yours but we will recommend based on the information you give us.


We don't inflate our prices and then give discount to have a set it's the same base price for one or four, go to a company whom give extra discount to have a set, if you have a puncture you'll be paying an inflated price for that one.

NOT WITH US DAY IN DAY OUT BASIC LOW PRICE, if the price is not competitive let us know so we can talk to wholesalers to try and get price down. (this would be via a written quote only). 

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