We always want to supply & install QUALITY parts for this reason we demand statements of matching quality from our suppliers. Because of serious quality issues we no longer purchase parts from one major European car parts supplier, this continued testing evaluation of products & service prevent you purchasing cheap inferior parts that are sometimes marketed as quality known manufacturers.


Our warranty varies on items but generally range from one to five years. Some of our ever expanding quality suppliers are

ELRING, KS WINSTON, OEM manufacturer of gaskets, seals pistons and bearings. www.elring.co.uk

MANN HUMMEL OEM, manufacturer of filter systems including air, oil fuel and pollen/cabin filters.    www.mann-hummel.com

LUK INA FAG, OEM manufactures of clutch, flywheel, wheel bearings, timing belt & rollers. www.luk.co.uk

BOSCH, OEM manufacturer of electronic's, sensors, ingition and fuel injection petrol and diesel and many other items. www.boschautoparts.co.uk

 FEBI BILSTIEN, OEM manufacturer of many suspension, transmission, engine parts. www.febi.com

BREMBO OEM, manufacture of brake parts, famed for being the supplier to Porsche including Porsche Motorsport brakes, BREMBO have the technology to stop a Le Mans prototype from over 200mph. This technology and Motorsport experience is then used for road tech. www.brembo.com

ZF TRADING, including SACH, BOGE, LEMFORDER,OEM, manufacture of steering, suspension and transmission parts. www.zf.com

LESJOFORS, ISO TUV matching quality road springs. www.lesjofors-springs.co.uk

sport website links

www.gmvw.co.uk  local enthusiasts centering on water cooled vag vehicles......

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