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Vehicle Service & Repair

  • Adaptive servicing to each individual customer replacing what is necessary & using items to prolong vehicle life = reducing your cost not reducing quality.
  • We service air & water cooled vehicles.
  • Specialist tools.
  • Experience technicians in VAG & PORSCHE.
  • some recalls are carried out as apart of annual service at no extra cost to you.
  • pictures of items found requiring attention also we will show you on your car the fault explain what does or does not need doing.
  • Extensive Engineering facilities.

Vehicle Inspection.

  • pre-purchase inspection
  • just purchased inspection
  • let us check over your vehicle, show you anything requiring attention. Don't rely on MOT as we check items not checked at mot.

Key service. 

  • Keys cut while you wait.
  • Keys coded while you wait. can be up to 24 hours but normally with 1 hour average.
  • Laser (1998>>) keys included.
  • Basic option for spare available.
  • No need for waiting the up to 14 days vw take.

Quality parts.

  • genuine parts at reduced costs, the discount we get from vw is shared with you.
  • top quality matching quality to genuine non-genuine parts all guaranteed.
  • parts sold come with technical support, if you buy the timing belt kit we print the instructions how to. (sorry we only support our products & our customers for tech advise ask your supplier).
  • Budget option available to order.
  • some used parts available, limit stock.


please note: coding refers to matching to your vehicle as electronic items can not be plugged in & work straight away some items require coding which tells the control unit (ecu) exactly what equipment is fitted so it can operate correctly. 

  • Key & remote coding.
  • Abs control module coding & pump bleeding.
  • Engine ecu software version update. some fault codes are because of incorrect software parameters, commonly people replace sensors but the fault can be software. (mk5 nox fault mk4 16v >1.6 egr)
  • Throttle body resetting after cleaning.
  • Egr resetting after clean or replace.
  • Basic settings resetting of stored learn values.
  • fault code read, print, erase.
  • actuator operation & testing.
  • smoke testing for leaks.
  • TV activation & enable during driving.
  • tow bar activation, can car require tow bar electrics to be activated before they will work.
  • master tech support, technical information, wiring diagrams, common fault tables.
  • engine ecu power upgrade, we don't change the chip basically download different software more power more torque.


Wynns automatic transmission fluid purge.

  • Automatic transmission fluid purge
  • purge changes fluid in the toque converter & valve block which just by drain & refill will not be changed if you drain & refill you will mix dirty & new fluid
  • purge of transmission fluid prevents this.

Engineering services.

  • Thread replacement of metric size 5,6,8,9,10,11,12,14 in various length we can repair stripped spark plug threads we also have bigsert (an oversize outside diameter insert) where required, sump threads can be repaired also Golf MK4 front hub repair when the caliper bolt pulls the thread out.
  •  cylinder head & block refacing
  • pressure testing & vacuum testing.
  • valve & seat refacing.
  • crankcase line bore with wide stock of bearings.
  • crank regrinding.
  • crank assembly balance either road or race spec.
  • engine rebuilding re manufacture or redesign.
  • Our engineering services are used locally by many other workshops.


  • Full range of tyres, top quality to budget.
  • 4 wheeled laser alignment system (tracking).
  • camber adjustment.
  • fit your tyres.

There are more services offered not listed any inquiry please call 01458 442 707.

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